What are Dreamy Blankets? 

Dreamy Blankets are the softest blankets you’ve ever felt. They’re made with super soft, luxuriously cuddly 100% polyester. It’s almost cloud-like in its softness and is used widely for blankets, throws, stuffed animals, etc. Dreamy Blankets feature custom artwork that won’t fade.

How do I care for my Dreamy Blanket?

Dreamy Blankets meant to be used, loved, and snuggled with, which means they may need a wash every now and then. Rest assured that they are machine washable and safe for the dryer. However, we do recommend washing them on the gentle cycle using cold water, and we prefer to line or air dry Dreamy Blankets as much as possible, though using a dryer on low heat also works! Please do not use fabric softener on your Dreamy Blanket. This could harm the material.

What is the Dreamy Blanket shipping policy?

We offer free shipping on all Dreamy Blankets throughout the United States. For international orders, please email us at hello@dreamyblankets.com for more information.

What is the Dreamy Blanket return policy?

We will gladly accept your Dreamy Blanket return within 30 days of purchase. Please have your order number and original packaging materials to complete a full refund. For more information, please email us at hello@dreamyblankets.com.

What size is my Dreamy Blanket?

Our standard size Dreamy Blanket is approximately 60 inches by 70 inches. More sizes are in the works as we speak!

Can I customize my Dreamy Blanket? 

At this time we are unable to create custom Dreamy Blankets, however we welcome your suggestions for future Dreamy Blanket artwork. Please email us at hello@dreamyblankets.com with your suggestions and we’ll pass them along to our designers.

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